Top Sign, Vehicle, and Receipt Advertising

Coach Transportation is able to help companies build their brand through innovative outdoor vehicle, and receipt advertisement.

We specialize in taking your message to the streets to help you reach thousands of customers each day, 24/7 exposure day or night. Our illuminated topsigns can be seen on both sides of the street, maximizing your return on your investment.

Topsigns are 14” x 48” illuminated signs that are located on the top of the vehicles. They are visible during all parts of the day and evening and are viewed at eye level by your customers. Each topsign is made up of two panels that face both sides of the street so your message can reach a greater audience.

Topsign enables advertisers to target specific geographic regions all over the county. We provide quality transportation service throughout San Diego County. Since our vehicles travel unrestricted routes, unlike busses which are “zoned out”, your message can reach just about everywhere you need it to be.

Our vehicle advertisement enables you to reach tens of thousands of people per day at a fraction of the cost for other traditional outdoor mediums.


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